Alexa Daley (born Alexa Warvold) is the main protagonist and narrator of the Land of Elyon Series. She is the daughter of Thomas and Renny Warvold, and sister of Nicholas Warvold, although for the first 13 years of her life she thought she was the daughter of James Daley. She is also the niece of Roland Warvold. Alexa exposed and defeated Sebastian, helped form a plan to kill Victor Grindall's ogres, lured Grindall to his death, and helped defeat Abaddon once and for all. She is also the Warvold that travels the sky, while her father travels the land and her uncle travels the sea.

Alexa daley2
Alexa Daley
General Information
Affiliation The Five Stone Pillars
Gender Female
Status Alive
First Appearance The Dark Hills Divide
Other Appearances Beyond the Valley of Thorns, The Tenth City, Into the Mist, Stargazer


Alexa is short for her age (4'6" in The Dark Hills Divide) and very skinny. She has sandy-colored hair that she keeps in a side-braid most of the time.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Alexa’s early childhood, but as she says in the beginning of the book, she and James Daley travel to Bridewell every summer from their home in Lathbury


The Dark Hills DivideEdit

Alexa is taking a cold walk through Bridewell with Thomas Warvold on the night everyone thinks that he dies. They stop at the wall and he tells her that he built this wall to keep danger away, but he wonders if he kept the danger inside. She is confused, and they sit down. He tells Alexa a fable about six blind men and an elephant.

After the telling of the fable, Alexa feels a strange sensation and looks over at Warvold and realizes that he is dead.