Into the mist
Into the Mist
Author Patrick Carman
Publication Information
Publisher Orchard Books
Release Date September 2007
Preceded by The Tenth City
Followed by Stargazer

Into the Mist is a prequel to The Land of Elyon series. 

Summary Edit

Before the walls went up... before the battle between Abaddon and Elyon...before Alexa Daley was even born...there were two young brothers, Thomas and Roland Warvold, whose pasts were as mysterious as their futures. Raised in a horrible orphanage and forced to escape into a strange, unkown world, Thomas and Roland found adventure wherever they turned-and danger wherever they looked. Their story is one of magic, exploration, fellowship, and secrets - all of which need to be revealed as the chronicles of Elyon unfold.


Alexa Daley is sailing on the Warwick Beacon with two of her closest companions, Roland Warvold, and Yipes. As the story progresses Roland decides to tell Alexa and Yipes of his and his brother's, Thomas Warvold's, past. Going into detail of how they escaped from the House on the Hill, how the crossed the Lake of Fire, how they climbed to the top of the Wakefield House, and lastly how they came to be travelers by Land and by Sea. He tells them of Sir Alistair Wakefield and of the knowledge and years they spent him, and he also tell them of a very close friend called Thorn, a mountain lion. As the story ends Roland finally tells Alexa and Yipes of the Five Stone Pillars and the Lost Children who live on them. Roland tells them that Abbadon is in the form of a sea monster and that he's followed them to the Five Stone Pillars to take control over them, thus ending the story and starting on Stargazer.

Even though this book is not completely told in Alexa Daley's point of view, it is still essentially important to read before Stargazer and after The Tenth City to fully understand the time line of the plot.

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