Pepper is a Renny Lodge library cat who made his appearance in The Dark Hills Divide. His companion is Sam, the other library cat. They are shown to like sitting on Alexa Daley's lap and being petted by her. His collar holds a Jocasta, because he belongs to Renny Warvold.

Sam and pepper
General Information
Affiliation Renny Lodge
Gender Male
Status Deceased
First Appearance The Dark Hills Divide
Other Appearances None


The Dark Hills DivideEdit

Alexa mentions Sam and Pepper when she enters the library. She sees them sitting on the window sill and a hawk on the outside with them. The hawk leaves wen he sees Alexa and she scolds Sam and Pepper who want to be petted by her.

Alexa picks up the book she had dropped and ruined, then pushes the cats away to sit in her favorite chair. They sit on her lap.

Alexa investigates Sam's medallion and moves on to Pepper, who screeches and rips a scratch on the back of her hand.

Pepper's Jocasta is taken by Murphy, the squirrel, for examination by Alexa and he and Sam are then killed by a falling bookshelf.