Renny Lodge is named for Thomas Warvold's wife, Catherine "Renny" Warvold and is the tallest building in Bridewell. The three-story building was originally used as a prison for convicts from the city of Ainsworth. When the convicts were returned, it had been converted.

The RoomsEdit

  • Library
  • Two courts
  • Several classrooms for art masters and apprentices
  • Fancy boarding rooms
  • Kitchen and dining room
  • Meeting room
  • Smoking room
  • Basement with an old cellblock

The EntrywayEdit

The entryway of Renny Lodge is a large, open area with a hall that leads to classrooms, courtrooms, and apprentice chambers on the first floor. It has red velvet drapes and a staircase going up to the next floor. The other stairs lead to the basement and cellblock.

The Smoking RoomEdit

This room has many large windows with purple velvet drapes. There is beautiful furniture on the intricately designed throw rugs. On one wall, the Smoking Room has a rock fireplace and double doors to the meeting room on the other side. according to Alexa in The Dark Hills Divide, it is easily the most comfortable room in the lodge.

The LibraryEdit

The library is on the highest level of Renny Lodge. Grayson works in a small office by the rows of books, where he can tend to them. The floors are creaky and made of wood. The wall next to the double doors has an attached cat door, a little wooden flap.